The Best Cooked Rice: How To Serve One

All over the world, rice is believed to the most primary food item. Its production has grown so wide all over the globe. The exporters as well as producers are now offering different varieties of rice. In the last years,  the exporters have increased greatly, adding new  countries on their list of clients.

Cooking rice either in a large or small rice cooker is not as easy as it do sound. Even though, it is the most consumed cereal worldwide, not many can cook it perfectly. It may end under cooked, or boiled too long. However, you will discover the science behind this.

The rice has about 50, 000 of its kind  all over the world. Yet, you can classify them as short grain, medium grain and long grain.

The time of preparing or cooking the rice, may depend on its varieties. Like the white rice can be cooked in a lesser time, compared to the basmati rice. Ideally, you can soak the rice for about 15-30 minutes, then you can cook the rice either boiling or steaming.

Steaming: This needs the use of rice cooker. Soak the rice, the water quantity is about 1.5 times than in rice. During the steaming, there should be enough space in the rice cooker, since its volume almost goes three times. On the medium flame, steam the rice in a certain duration.

Boiling:  In this way, the rice is soaked in an amount that is considerable. The left over water, and is the starch of the rice should be drained. This one needs to be boiled in a pot, unlike the rice cooker. Then, check it now and then to make sure it is being boiled adequately. The more the quantity, the more time is needed is needed in cooking the rice through boiling.

Just follow the methods mentioned, you will surely be  skillful enough in cooking rice.