White Rice and Brown Rice, What is the Difference?

What makes the white rice and brown rice different from one another is that the brown one has a bran layer intact. Whereas, the white rice has its brandbrown-rice-better-than-white-rice-150x150 layer removed by the process of rice polishing. Although the brown rice is different in texture, taste, longer to cook and does not store like the white, yet is more nutritious than the white rice. Either any of these rice, you will surely love to take a meal with the comfort of  portable air conditioner without hose.


This is a whole grain and is the healthiest kind of grain to eat, these are unrefined, therefore the germ and bran are not removed during the process of milling. The nutrients usually reside in its germ and bran.

It is loaded with vitamins B2, B6 and also B3 that are all required for the production of energy, for greater digestion and for a healthier nervous system. It is also a very excellent source of manganese that is why it is so special. Actually 88% of daily manganese value can be obtained from a cup of brown rice.

The brown rice has natural fiber and can prevent obesity and  cancer.  It has about 349% more fiber compared to white rice. This has also selenium, a mineral that can prevent colon cancer.


However, the white rice is a grain that is refined where the germ and bran are being removed during its milling process. This will give the rices less gritty and finer texture. Without its bran and also germ, it will lose some of its nutritional content, that retain in brown rice.  This rice is enriched with iron and also Vitamin B. Rice is really a known food, like the popularity of the Best Portable Air Conditioner.

Both the brown rice and white rice have about 200 calorie and is low in sodium and cholesterol. Yet, the white rice has less fat (one cup of white rice has a gram of fat while the brown rice has about 3 grams). But, in terms of nutrients, brown rice do lead. Since the white rice is in refined state.


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